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Morocco 3x3 Condos - Bureau MACH Architecture


Morocco 3x3



On a steep triangular site offering three distinct views, we were asked for a building design implementing three main programmatic-functions:

  • 9 high-end Apartment Units

  • A Private Spa

  • Commercial Program

Bureau MACH Morocco_03.jpg

Rather than working against the unique site properties we decided to fully embrace the apparent disadvantage of the triangle-shaped and steep site. Thus creating a building volume with unique character and organization.

Office and retail functions are accessed from the ground floor. The top area of the plinth is used as a private spa, creating a natural buffer between commercial activities below and the residential apartments on the top floors.

Project Info

  • Location: Tangier, Morocco

  • Size: 7.936 m2

  • Program: Commercial Plinth & Parking, Spa, High-end Residential Units

  • Client: Private

  • Status: Feasibility Study

  • In collaboration with: LABScape