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Serif Furniture mini Series - Bureau MACH Design





Serif is a custom-made mini-series of cabinets for a private client.

The furniture project is an investigation into the relationship between haptic experiences and functional ornament.

The door handles of the cabinets are set against a minimalist backdrop. Organically shaped they stand out to become “haptic feedback moments” on the cabinets’ front.

The inlaid brass is kept untreated and purposely left to oxidize. Over time the brass will develop a patina, capturing the traces of its’ users on the surface. The Serif offers a brief, memorable counterpoint to a world filled with slick screens, sanitized touches and instant UN-do’s .


The mini-series is built upon a modular inner framework. This allows for a high level of customization as well as development of future variants to extend the family of the furniture pieces.

The cabinet doors and the organically-shaped handles are made from 3d milled lacquered black MDF with hand-finished brass inlays.

The inner corpus, drawers and divisions are made from lacquered MDF. The outer layer is made from lacquered oak. The upholstery of LittleDiwan is made of black leather.


Serif - MemoryBar: 3490mm (Length), 530mm (Depth), 496mm (Height)

Serif - LittleDiwan: 1380mm (Length), 530mm (Depth), 547mm (Height)