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Pendant Lamp


Husk is about the source of light and the play of its reveal.

The transient expression of light is amplified by the contrasting sturdiness of the concrete.

The heavy threefold lamp seems to be glowing from inside and revealing a silhouette of light shaped by the concrete slits.


Husk is a pendant lamp made of hand cast concrete. It is about 30cm tall and weighs around 3.5kg.

Bureau MACH - HUSK Pendant Lamp -01

The pendant has an E14 light fitting (for both, 220V & 110V), a fabric covered electrical cord and a machined steel connector with a steel wire to support its weight.

Bureau MACH Design - Pendant Lamp.jpg

The light grey pendant is made of white concrete. The surface is honed-polished and has a satin appearance.

The dark grey pendant is made of grey pigmented concrete. The surface is honed-polished and buffed with beeswax.


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