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Intervention F1

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Intervention f1




with reini blaha, christoph treberspurg & paul regl

Painted rooftop of a public tram station in Hietzing, Vienna.

Exhibition contribution to 'Reserve der Form', Künstlerhaus Wien :

The Urban Intervention of Reinfried Blaha, Paul Regl, Christoph Treberspurg & Martin Zangerl is the mapping of an iconographic racing track on the roof of the Subway station Vienna Hietzing. It was painted within three nights and took part in the exhibition Reserve der Form, Künstlerhaus Vienna.


Part of the work -which is in reality only visible to a handful of people living around that station- is a 24 hour film condensed to 12 min taken from a hotel rooftop nearby. It shows the Intervention_F1 calm like the eye of an urban traffic-taifun. A space lifted to a tranquil meta-level surrounded by a never stopping city motion.


Time lapse: 24hours to 60seconds