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Retreat Towers

Retreat Towers - Bureau MACH Architecture


Retreat Towers


Architecture of Bio-philia

In this project we set out to quest what is the sensible integration of nature in our designed space, a bio-philia approach. We took high-rise buildings as testing ground for exploring a new symbiosis of extreme man-made and nature. A sequence of natural scenes, from organic to staged, unfold themselves through the vertical journey.

At podium level we envisage welcoming landscape furnished with green walls and shimmering ponds for meet and greet. At mid and top levels of tower, a set of sky gardens are created as playgrounds for community meetup. At times corner retreats can be found situated at the densely packed office floor to provide sanctuary for private contemplation.

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We strive for designing architecture with nature. We believe the intangibles of nature will sustain urban life with health and well-being, eventually affords the resiliency necessary for society.


The restorative power of nature can be the key to advance built environment. In its most basic form, a breeze, water, natural light not only increase the physical comfort, but also offer a sense of retreat. Hence the authenticity of nature in built environment comes through.